Laser Hair Removal

As part of our goal to provide the best and most comprehensive cosmetic and aesthetic solutions to our clients; Adorn proudly offers laser hair removal treatments. Our professional providers have extensive experience working with women who would like to remove unwanted hair and will develop a treatment plan based on your specific needs. Working with an Adorn specialist for your treatment, means you are being treated by highly knowledgeable team members that have experience with the latest laser technology and have deep understanding of best practices when it comes to laser hair removal.

Do You Need Laser Hair Removal?

Many people still choose traditional hair removal techniques, such as shaving, plucking and waxing to address their aesthetic goals. However, these methods only provide temporary relief. For example, although electrolysis can result in lessening of hair growth, the technique often requires years of ongoing, and frequently painful, treatments. Further, allergic reactions and ingrown hairs are common side effects of all these hair removal methods; creating long-term discomfort and the need for supplementary treatments to address the side effects.

On the other hand, laser hair removal treatments at Adorn Laser Hair Removal can provide long-term relief from excessive hair growth, with far fewer side effects. These treatments are pain-free, and our patients experience virtually no discomfort during the procedure. The results of laser hair removal can last for as long as 12 months; saving you time and money by having to do minimal upkeep procedures to maintain results.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Our laser hair removal system safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin. At the most basic level, laser hair removal works by targeting the hair follicles in the skin by delivering bursts of targeted energy via the laser. As the hair follicles are destroyed, the hair falls out and does not re-grow until the body’s natural processes restore the follicle again. This approach makes laser hair removal a highly effective, non-invasive treatment option that provides long-term results without any discomfort or pain.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure at Adorn

The laser hair removal treatment is quite fast, and requires only a minimal time investment for the client. For example, facial and bikini areas are usually completed in less than ten minutes; legs and larger areas can take longer. This is just one of the reasons why Adorn clients choose laser hair removal to meet their aesthetic goals.

Another reason why Adorn clients opt for laser hair removal is because the process is simple and painless. No painful waxing is necessary beforehand and there is no need to suffer through growing out the hair first. Anaesthesia is not required, and most individuals experience no more than a slight stinging sensation as the laser pulses are applied. Some parts of the body do tend to be more sensitive than others, and sometimes redness or swelling will occur for a few hours afterward.

After the Laser Hair Removal Procedure

Upon completion of your treatment, you may notice light swelling and redness of the treatment area. This is quite normal, because the laser pulses are designed to cause micro damage to the hair follicles, and the swelling/redness are the result of your body’s healing response. However, because your skin may be sensitive after treatment, it is important to stay out of the sun, so as to avoid potential skin damage from UV radiation. When you visit us for laser hair removal treatment your provider will describe in detail all the aftercare steps you will need to take.

If you’re interested in a laser hair removal treatment, let our experienced specialists provide you with a free in-depth assessment.

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Laser Hair Removal

UPPERBODYSingle Price4 to 6 Sessions8 to 10 Sessions
Arms - ¾$95$75$65
Arms - Half$75$60$50
Arms -Full$125$100$85
Back - 3/4$125$110$105
Back - Full$135$120$100
Back - Half$95$75$65
Back - Lower$60$50$40
Back - Quarter$45$35$30
Hands & Fingers$25$20$18
Snail Trail$25$20$15
FACESingle Price4 to 6 Sessions8 to 10 Sessions
Eyebrows (Top)$25$20$18
Face - Full$50$40$30
Face - Full & Neck$55$45$35
Face Sculpting - Male$45$40$30
Lip & chin$30$24$20
Lip Upper$15$12$10
Midbrow+ Eyebrow (Top)$30$25$15
Neck - Front & Back$45$38$32
Neck - Front or Back$25$20$20
Sides of Face$30$20$15
LOWERBODYSingle Price4 to 6 Sessions8 to 10 Sessions 
Legs - Upper$125$100$90
Legs - Lower$110$99$90
Legs - ¾$120$110$85
Legs - Full$155$130$120
Feet & Toes$30$25$23
Brazilian - (F)$45$35$30
Brazilian & Rear - (F)$55$45$40
Rear (F)$25$20$18
Buttocks (F)$55$45$40
PackagesSingle Price4 to 6 Sessions8 to 10 Sessions
Face and underarms$60$55$40
Full Legs, Underarms, Brazilian (F)$195$155$135
Female Full Legs, Full Bottom, Underarms, Brazilian (F)$230$220$200
Full Legs, ½ Arms, Brazilian, Underarms (F)$230$220$200
½ Arms, ½ Legs, Underarms, Brazilian (F)$165$130$120
½ Legs, Brazilian, Underarms (F)$130$110$100
Upper Lip, Chin, Underarms$35$30$25
Brazilian & Underarms (F)$55$45$40
Brazilian & Underarms & back (F)$65$50$45
Female Full Body$350$330$300
Chest & Stomach$135$110$95
Full Upper Body (Full arms, Chest, Shoulders, Face, Stomach, Full Back)$280$240$220
Male Full Lower Body$280$240$220
Male Full Body$450$430$400
Chest, Stomach & Full Back$200$180$170
Full Back, Neck & Shoulders$175$140$120
Full Back & Shoulders$165$130$115

What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is popular with people wanting a solution to hair removal that is more permanent than some other methods. Using lasers to remove hair works by stopping the hair follicles from growing new hairs.

Before embarking on the therapy, however, people should make themselves aware of some side effects of laser hair removal, as well as some myths that surround the process.

For most people, laser hair removal is a safe way to get rid of hair in unwanted places permanently or for long periods of time.


The majority of people who use it find that laser hair removal is safe and well-tolerated. There do not appear to be any long-term health risks associated with the procedure.

However, some people may experience minor side effects after laser hair removal. People should ask their dermatologist to test how a small patch of skin reacts to the treatment before having it done on a larger area of skin.

People wishing to have laser hair removal treatment should always use a fully-qualified practitioner.

For a couple of days after treatment, the affected skin may become red and tender. Many people describe the sensation as similar to a sunburn. The process itself, however, is typically not painful.


Sunburn is the term for red, sometimes swollen, and painful skin caused by overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Sunburn can vary from mild to severe.

The extent depends on skin type and amount of exposure to the sun. Sunburn is a serious risk factor for skin cancer.

Because of variations in the intensity of UV radiation passing through the atmosphere, the risk of sunburn increases as you approach the equator. The higher the latitude, the lower the intensity of the UV rays.

On a minute-by-minute basis, the amount of UV radiation is dependent on the angle of the sun. The greatest risk is at solar noon when the sun is directly above you.

A few different side effects can appear after laser hair removal. Most side effects are minor and temporary. Anyone experiencing lasting side effects should consult their dermatologist.

Redness and irritation

Laser hair removal damages the follicles of the targeted hairs. The body reacts to this, and many people experience redness and irritation in the affected areas. The skin may tingle or feel tender, and may even appear to swell slightly.

The symptoms are usually short-lived. The affected area may look similar to skin that has just been waxed or plucked. Some dermatologists use a topical anesthetic to reduce how much a person’s skin reacts to the process.

Irritation should ease after the initial reaction, usually within a few hours of the treatment. Swelling and redness may respond well to ice packs or a cool bath.


Some people may experience skin crusting in the affected area. This is typically a minor issue but can be inconvenient.

Crusting can sometimes lead to scabbing or scarring. By taking care of the treated area after laser removal, such as by using a moisturizer, a person may prevent any lasting issues from this treatment.

Changes in skin color

Some people may notice minor color changes to the treated area of skin. It may get slightly darker or lighter, following laser hair removal.

People with lighter skin may be more likely to experience darker pigmentation changes. People with darker skin tones may be more prone to lighter pigmentation changes. These changes tend to fade away over time, and the skin returns to normal.

Eye injury

The hair removal procedure involves the use of powerful lasers. This means there is a risk of potentially serious eye injury, especially when a practitioner is working on a person’s face.

Both the person receiving the treatment and the practitioner should wear protective eye equipment to help prevent injury while the procedure is carried out.

Risk of skin infection

As with other cosmetic hair removal methods, damaging hair follicles with a laser can create an infection risk.

The affected area should be treated as a wound while it heals. People should report any signs of infection to a dermatologist.

Finally, they should not apply over-the-counter (OTC) antibiotic creams to large areas of skin if an infection arises.

Less common side effects following laser hair removal can include the following:

Burns and blisters

There is a risk of burns and blisters if laser hair removal is not done correctly.

When a qualified practitioner carries out the process, however, burns and blisters are rare.

Laser hair removal uses high-heat lasers.

A practitioner may apply a cooling device to a person’s skin just before the laser is used. This helps to prevent the laser from burning the skin.


Scars are typically not a side effect of laser hair removal. However, if the practitioner makes an error, scarring can occur. This should not be an issue with most qualified practitioners.

Scars may also form if people do not care for the treated area correctly afterward.

They should treat the affected skin as if it had been sunburned to avoid further damage. This means keeping it moisturized, protected from light, and checked regularly for signs of infection.

Laser hair removal therapy does work, but it rarely achieved permanent hair removal. Laser treatment can significantly reduce hair growth, nevertheless.

After the first treatment, many people will only be hair-free for a few months. The hairs will eventually grow back, though they are often finer, lighter, and less likely to be noticed than before.

Many people will require multiple sessions to achieve a more permanent or satisfactory solution to unwanted hair. The hair may grow back lighter and thinner with each subsequent session. After enough treatments, it may stop growing back altogether.

Laser hair removal may also be more effective on dark hair. People with blond, reddish, or grey hairs may not notice much of a change, as laser lights are attracted to dark hair and are often not successful on light hair.

Experts do not recommend laser hair removal for people who are pregnant. This is because scientists have not carried out any human studies that prove the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy.

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes in a person’s body. This can commonly cause extra hairs to grow in unwanted places. While this growth can be embarrassing, the hairs often go away on their own.

If the hairs do not go away unaided, a person may want to try laser treatment after their pregnancy. Doctors may ask them to wait a few weeks after giving birth before they have the treatment.

There are several unfounded myths surrounding laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal causes cancer

The myth that laser hair removal therapy can cause cancer is unfounded. The lasers are specially designed to pass through the skin cells and target only the hair follicles deep within the skin.

The lasers used in laser hair removal do produce a small amount of radiation. However, this radiation is not thought to be harmful, and there is no evidence that laser hair removal therapy causes skin cancer.

Laser hair removal causes infertility

Again, there is no evidence that laser hair removal causes infertility. The lasers only penetrate the skin and do not reach or affect any other organs. Laser hair removal is usually safe, even in sensitive areas such as the groin.

Home kits are just as good as seeing a dermatologist

Home laser removal kits are available for people who want to remove unwanted hairs without going to a dermatologist.

Many people may experience modest results from using these kits, such as lighter or finer hairs. However, home kits are not the same as the powerful medical devices used by qualified practitioners.

Anyone experiencing adverse reactions to laser hair removal should consider seeing their doctor. They can usually manage symptoms such as redness and swelling at home, but they should always report signs of skin infections to a doctor or dermatologist

Reporting symptoms early allows for quick treatment and may help prevent any permanent changes.

Anyone trying to become pregnant should speak to their doctor before getting laser hair removal. A doctor can advise on other options, as laser hair removal often requires multiple sessions that should not be undertaken during pregnancy.

Laser hair removal is safe and effective for most people when performed correctly. It may take multiple treatments to remove unwanted hair completely, and permanent hair removal is not always guaranteed.

Some people may experience minor side effects after treatment, such as redness, swelling, and irritation and can usually treat these at home. Anyone who notices the signs of a skin infection should see a doctor.