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Adorn Laser Clinic
Adorn Laser Clinic
Laser type PriceQuantity
Underarms $18.00 $7.00
Lip & Chin $30.00 $10.00
Full Face Laser $50.00 $20.00
Brazilian (f) $45.00 $25.00
Chest & Stomach or Full Back $135.00 $80.00
Full Leg, Brazilian & Underarms $195.00 $95.00

Say goodbye to those tedious temporary solutions to unwanted body hair like plucking and shaving and say hello to hairless, smooth skin with our laser hair removal procedure/treatment. Get rid of excess hair forever. Take control with our effective technology and rediscover your body confidence.

We are a Certified Candela Clinic

Goodbye painful waxing, hello laser!

We are a certified Candela clinic

Look good, feel great with hair free skin

Be hair free and carefree

Pack the razors away for good and shut the lid on the hot wax pot for the last time. Our laser hair removal is the most convenient and effective hair removal treatment for long term results.

Banish unwanted hair with the power of laser

Our laser technology is powerful enough to eliminate annoying hair without causing pain or discomfort.

See results fast

Hair removal treatment is fast – you’ll be slipping on those shorts and swimsuits with confidence in no time.

Ready to kick start your way to a hair and stubble free spring and look summer ready?

We use the latest technology to target and destroy the hair follicles with bursts of energy from the laser to remove unwanted hair without damaging the delicate pores or structures of the skin. It’s quick and best of all, there’s no pain and you’re left with smooth skin, all year round!

Enjoy the freedom of smooth, hair free skin. Book your appointment today.

Why Choose Adorn Laser Clinic?

Experience counts

Our qualified, trained and experienced team know how to get effective results and ensure every client’s individual needs are met.

Exclusive facility

We’re not a beauty salon. We operate a high standard, professional clinic that specialises in skin procedures and laser treatments in a comfortable and relaxed environment.

We look after you

We understand your time is precious so we cater appointments to suit your needs. We also offer discounts for pre-paid treatments so our packages are affordable.

Don’t wait, book your laser hair removal procedure today

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