Hair Dressing - Cuts
LadiesPensionStyle cutMens
Mens shaveKids < 7Kids 7-15Fringe trim
Hair Dressing - Foils / Balayage
Foils / Balayage
Foils Half head  includes Toner$65$75$85$100
Foils Full head includes Toner$85$95$110$120
12 Foils, Full colour, Toner, cut & Blowdry$120$130$140
Half Head Foils, Cut & Blowdry$90$100$110$120
Full Head Foils, Colour in between$130$145$160$170
Hair Dressing - Colour
Full Colour$60$70$80
Full colour, cut & Blowdry$70$90$100
Regrowth seniors$40
Regrowth, cut & Blowdry$90$100$110
Regrowth, cut & Blowdry seniors$80
Own Colour application$30
Toner on its own$35$45$55$60
Hair Dressing - Shampoo / Cut / Blowdry / Styling
Shampoo / Cut / Blowdry / Styling
Blow Dry & wash$30$35$40$45
Shampoo / Cut / BD$45$55$60$70
Shampoo only$10$15$20$20
CurlsFrom $55
UpstylesFrom $55
Braids inc washFrom $25
BridesFrom $110
BridesmaidFrom $80
flower girlsFrom $40
Perm incl cut/ bd/ setFrom $75
KeratinFrom $99
Japanese StraightenerFrom $150
Hair Dressing - Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions
Tape Hair ExtensionsFrom $300
Beads Hair ExtensionsFrom $250
Hair Dressing - Treatments
Deep mask under steamer$30
Charcoal treament conditioning & hot Towel$15
Deluxe Treatments$35
3 step treatment, Protien, Oil balance & mask$45
Red / blonde conditioner/ other$15
Henna Designs
Henna Designs From $5

Adorn Laser Clinic and Hair Dressing offers all the services you need for a complete, couture look. All our personalised looks are based on your features and desired image. At Adorn, consultations are always complimentary!

No matter what you want to change, maintain or update, we’ve got you covered! Adorn’s professional team of highly experienced stylists pride ourselves in providing thorough consultations, which leads to highly personalised looks for each client. It all starts with specific hair treatments, a precise haircut that is the ideal length and shape for your face. If you opt for have your hair coloured, we create custom colour that works with your skin tone and eye colour.

Don’t like your hair? Have the hair you always wanted with our Hair Extensions or one of our other customized “Regrowth” solutions. Add the newest long-lasting hairdressing treatments, deluxe hair treatments and many more. From minimal style shifts to total transformations, you can have it all at Adorn!

Our stylists receive extensive training and continuing education, so we are always up on the latest trends and new services. We use only the finest, most advanced products, which combine the best of new technologies with natural discoveries.

Hairdressing Consultation at Adorn

Our complimentary, in-depth, private consultations focus on one thing: giving you the hair you always wanted. Whether you want longer hair, thicker hair, more hair in one specific spot, we’ll help you decide which of the hundreds of customized solutions we offer is the best one for you. During your initial consultation, we’ll:

• Analyse your hair, your scalp and your needs
• Discuss your goals, lifestyle and budget
• Explore the reasons behind your hair loss, or your medical needs
• Explain the various options
• Jointly select the best solutions for you
• Clarify the maintenance and home-care of your selected solution

Bridal Services

We understand how incredibly important your wedding day is and will help create the perfect look for you and your entourage. We’ll also help you determine the best timeline for a series of pre-wedding services that includes colour, styling, manicure, makeup and laser hair removal. After all, we are Adorn.
It all starts when you bring in your headpiece or a photo of your gown for a trial styling. Today, most bridal styles are highly personalized and include hair extensions and additions. As
Our wedding party packages include hairstyling, expert makeup application, a manicure, laser hair removal and other customisable services that fit your time and budget.
We excel at destination wedding styling. Whether your wedding is being held at a hotel, a resort or a yacht, we’ll be there with everything you need to look your best.

Keep your Hair Healthy and Revitalised

At Adorn, our goal is always to restore and maintain your hair’s health, so it is as strong, shiny, soft and manageable as possible. Our hair experts will perform a personalized hair analysis and suggest the best customized hair treatment for you.
We also offer complete scalp-care programs, including scalp calming and dandruff treatments.

Our approach to customer service is simple: You are the VIP each time that you visit our clinic.

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