Fat Cavitation

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How is Fat Cavitation Performed?

The transducer delivers an ultrasonic beam and provides real-time acoustic and optical feedback on treatment areas. It uses multi-directional acoustic waves to ensure that focused energy is applied to the selected area only. Specific ultrasound parameters of pulse length and energy level are set to ensure selective damage to fat cells only. Non-adipose tissue not being susceptible to these parameters, they remain untouched and undamaged.

Built-in controls verify acoustic contact and monitors the transducer temperature during treatment. The ultrasound wave causes mechanical disruption of fat cell membranes. The content primarily made up of triglycerides is released into the interstitial fluid where they are processed by physiological metabolic pathways.

As the cell membranes are compromised and triglycerides are released, the body begins a gradual process of breaking them down into glycerol and free fatty acids. The free fatty acids bind to albumin and are slowly transported to the liver for removal or to other tissues and used as building blocks or energy. Glycerol being water-soluble is passed among both interstitial and systemic fluids then process through the liver or used in other cells the entire process takes less than a week or just a few days.

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